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Delhi School of Management ( दिल्ली प्रबंधन विभाग )


Admin Block


Subjects offered

·         Technology Transfer Management

·         Supply Chain Management

·         Management of Information System

·         Total Quality Management

·         Productivity Management

·         Enterprise Management

·        Marketing Management

·         Finance Management

·         HR Management


Full time scholars

University admits full time scholars for duration of 4 years.


Part time scholars

The university also admits parts time scholars. Part-time applicants will be eligible under three categories:

I.                   1) Candidates from organizations which have MoU with Delhi Technological University 

2) Organizations with R&D Labs of national repute

3) Regular faculty/teaching cum Research Fellow Of Scientists from Educational Institutions, R&D organizations and Govt. Department/Govt. Undertaking provided that:

  • The applicant process the minimum entry qualifications for the degree as mentioned above
  •  The applicant is having at least two years experience in regular capacity.
  • The applicant proves to the satisfaction of the University that his official duties permit him to devote sufficient time       to research.
  • Facilities for research are available at the applicant's place of work in the chosen field of research or the applicant can spare sufficient time to pursue research in the Department of the Delhi Technological University on daily basis, residing in the vicinity of the University; and
  • He/she will be permitted to reside at the Delhi Technological University for a period of not less than 6 months during his/her registration for the degree (This condition of minimum residence will be automatically waived of for candidates who are working in National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi or in organisations/institutions located within a distance 50 km from the Delhi Technological University).


If the number of credit prescribed by the DRC is more than 12, then the residency requirement for part time PhD students working in Educational Institute /organization outs NCR of Delhi will be 01 year.