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Course Overview

The School Of Management through its flagship Master of Business administration (MBA) programme seeks to develop managers for an integrated understanding of all business functions. The rigorous curriculum of the Master of Business administration programme has a judicious blend of courses that provide an in-depth understanding of the operational and strategic aspects of management.


The USP of DSM’s MBA programme is its dual specialization. First two semesters focus on developing a strong foundation and right attitude by teaching general subjects of Management.


Next two semesters provide the choice of one specialization each from the Technical and Functional area of Management.


Technical  Specialization(Third Semester)

  • Information Technology Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Knowledge & Technology Management


Functional Specialization (Fourth Semester)

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing


Also, innovative courses like "Mission, Vision and Leadership" provide opportunity for the student to work under the mentorship of Indian Business leaders and to hone their leadership skills.



Delhi School of Management benefits from a highly evolved pedagogy that focuses on research oriented learning with special emphasis on interactive lectures, case studies, class projects & exercises, field projects & company visits, video presentations, guest lecturers from industry experts, and activity labs.

The modules of the course are designed so as to incorporate basic concepts in the initial learning phase followed by practical application of knowledge and its application to contemporary business situations. The framework makes it essential for students to contribute to the learning process by sharing accumulated knowledge and work experience through active group discussions.

In addition to theoretical studies, special importance is given to gaining practical knowledge through the means of business games, field assignments and library work delegated at the Institute. The summer internships are aimed at widening the students’ perspective by providing an exposure to real-time organizational as well as environmental problems.

Thus, over the course of two years, students are meticulously prepared to add value to them and to the organizations they would work for.


The last date of submitting the completely filled application form for Regular MBA Program (2017-19 batch) is February 28, 2017