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DSM Chronicle is a quarterly newspaper of Delhi School of Management, an initiative started by DSM students. DSM Chronicle provides students with the opportunities to explore their creative abilities. Students involve themselves in analysis of business news, national as well as international. It helps them to brush up their creative abilities while simultaneously honing their writing skills.

DSM Chronicle aims to act as a channel for students, not only from DSM but from all parts of the country, to voice their opinions and concerns regarding world events, attempting to use their knowledge and skills to practically solve them. The paper hopes to act as a platform for budding writers and thinkers in our midst. Students from various B-schools contributed their articles and opinions. DSM Chronicle captures various articles not only on major news, events happening around the world but also in the DTU campus and more specifically in DSM. It covers analysis of major business news nationally as well internationally. Articles are of every field of management such as HR, Finance, KTM, ITM, marketing, SCM. There is a special section “TALK with CEO”, in first issue Mr. Srikant Gokhlae ,CEO of Mobile Store was interviewed.


DSM Chronicle Vol 4

DSM Chronicle Vol 3

DSM Chronicle Vol 2

DSM Chronicle Vol 1