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Delhi School of Management made me discover my true potential. From an engineer, who knew very little about the world outside, DSM nurtured me for two complete years to bring the best out of me.
DSM provides the right blend of engineers from different streams, yet similar mindset that makes it very easy to gel well. With sound technical knowledge, an inquisitive mind and zeal to learn all are Technocrats in every sense. There is ample of industry interactions and guest lecture series by the top notch industrialists on various topics develops a more holistic view of looking, analysing and interpreting a situation.
Posted By: Summy Kataria (2012 Batch)
Country Manager - University Relations, Bloomberg LP
As a child, i longed for Defence Services; the dream did not come through and for a few choices I had I obviously became an engineer; the years went very well and 1st job was through Campus.

Days passed by and MBA was a natural choice (to me); DSM happened then; being a new B School to be honest it wasn't an unanimous decision. Evaluations, discussions, sleepless nights went by and DSM happened.

Surprisingly I do not have a lot to say; just a few smiles and lot of gratitude to DSM. It has been one of the best things that has happened to me. DSM has been quite generous right from "my studies" to "friends" to "after DSM life".
Posted By: Wasil Khan (2012 Batch)
Territory Client Representative, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
The two years in DSM bought a complete overhaul in my personality and helped me grew both personally and professionally. It was an honour and privilege for me to study in such a distinguished institute with rich heritage. The best thing about DSM was the presence of camaraderie between batch mates as well as the teachers. Here you not only acquire knowledge in different domains but also get a lot of opportunities to learn from people in the industry through Knowledge sharing sessions or through extra-curricular activities.

Every day was an event for me in DSM and whatever I am and will be, is because of my Alma Mater. Wish all the success for institute and successive batches for their future endeavors.
Posted By: Sumit Bhutani (2012 Batch)
Business Consultant, JDA Software, Inc
It gives me immense pleasure to present myself as the alumnus of the first batch of Delhi School of Management. I can take pride in the fact that I’ve actually seen the school grow, with all the hard work and enthusiasm of the faculty members, the heads and we, the students, of course.

Being in its early stages, at times it was required to take decisions regarding the school which would set trends for future batches. It was at this time that the authorities and the students worked together to bring DSM to the level at which it has reached today. Hence, it was a sheer team effort that has brought the efforts to fruition.
Posted By: Jessica (2011 Batch)
ARI Pvt Ltd
It gives me immense amount of pride and delight as I retrospect about the time spent at DSM. Being part of the pilot batch at DSM had its own pros and cons. DSM gave us utmost exposure and liberty to do things our way. DSM provided a platform to hone skills which helped bring the best out of me both personally and professionally.

I wish DSM, our faculty members, the current and fore coming batch all the successes in their future endeavors and wish to be always associated with my alma mater in every possible way…
Posted By: Abhinav Gaur (2011 Batch)
Senior Consultant – Client Engagement, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

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