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Delhi School of Management ( दिल्ली प्रबंधन विभाग )


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Delhi School of Management believes in the overall development of the personality and employing the creativity and enthusiasm of the students to the maximum. Classroom lectures are certainly important, but to include some variety and fun, various clubs are working together.

All the activities on the campus are driven by the various student committees, forums and interest groups. Each club organizes various events and competitions like that of case-studies, B-Plans, paper presentations, quiz etc.


Sports Club

Aims to reduce the stress of studies and to unleash the inherent talent and abilities of the students, our sport stars, both girls and boys, actively participate in various games and sports with the aim of staying fit. A true sportsperson spirit is generated among the students. It also helps to build self-discipline, trust, respect for others, leadership and coping skills - all of which form the foundation of character building and solid self-esteem.

Club heads:Saurabh Gandhi,Ankur Sharma



'Kartavya' aims at creating the social awareness among the people from all over the country and to remind the leaders of tomorrow about their student social responsibility (SSR) and also counsel them about corporate social responsibility (CSR) which has become a matter of great relevance in the current scenario.

Club heads:Madhuri Goel,Snigdha Singh


HR Club

Human Resource club aims at promoting and providing the learning as well as practical exposure of the various HR operations and issues of the corporate world. To keep up the spirit of the club we conduct regular events and competitions to help students gain insights of the existing and latest HR developments.

We also organize sessions like, the HR conclave and Guest lectures wherein we invite eminent industry professionals to share their experiences and brief the students about the HR practices prevalent in their organisations.

Club heads:Namita Jhamb,Tanya Saraswat



Sanskriti the cultural club of DSM aims at bringing out and nurturing the talents of the budding managers. It seeks to create the environment that provides the students with an opportunity to showcase their creativity in multiple ways. The club organizes various cultural events. The main purpose of the club is to make the learning journey at DSM, an enthusiastic, cherishing and joyous experience, thereby ensuring the holistic development of its students.

Club heads:Shivam Tiwari, Priyansha Rastogi



Mecca will help lay down a road-map for proper learning and growth. We will be arranging guest lectures with industry honchos during the semesters. These will aid the students by developing and honing their skills and abilities. We also aim at providing information and experiences that increase awareness about the marketing function and inform students about the varied and exciting career opportunities available in this field. Some of the other activities include:

Market Surveys

Branding Activities

Designing Advertising / Marketing Strategies

Ad contests

Brand equity quizzes

Club Heads:Dinesh Pal,Padam Nigam

IT Club

IT club focuses on the management in IT area and it works to update the students regarding the IT profiles with the help of seniors. It caters to the need of various certifications required in IT. It also concentrates on helping the students regarding the subject topics by taking some examples and giving them some quizzes. On the whole we try to update the students in this area.sing Advanced IT techniques.

Club heads:Tanvi Arora,Sakshi Gupta, Shipra Gupta, Alok Singh


Finance Club

Finance club of DSM, which exists with a vision to enhance the knowledge and understandings and nurture the students in the area of finance in accordance with the changing industrial need. By this, they can contribute to the development of financial profession and financial markets in the World. The most important part of the club is to provide opportunities to put theoretical foundations to practice. Members are offered with a variety of platforms in terms of Guest Lectures, market updates, Workshops, Case studies, Projects, Quizzes and news discussions by which they have constantly updated information.

Club heads:Gaurav Agarwal,Jaspreet Kaur